• Step 1. Choose the recipe and start preparing yummy masala for the dish

  • Step 2. Add our legumes & mix well (no need to soak or pressure cook)

  • Step 3. Simmer for 10 minutes, garnish, and serve hot!!

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  • Kaustav Datta

    I started consuming more legumes since I started using Urban Granny. Never remembered to soak!! And hence, could never get them made by our cook. But now, it's so easy, even if you want to make chole bhature or a quick party snack from kala chana. It's just so easy!

  • Karuna Singh Choudhary

    Even after me being so old school about cooking, Urban Granny products have opened so many options for impromptu cravings such as quick chickpea salad, matar chaat, or an elaborate dal makhani lunch. Their products have acquired a good section of the kitchen cabinet already.

  • Rashmi Haswani

    I love Dal Makhani and often order it in or try new restaurants, especially when I miss north Indian food. While it's tasty, it isn't always healthy or suitable for the gut. Making it at home was a long process! But, I tried Urban Granny's Urad Dal to make it in my style and totally loved it. Recipe was easy to make and healthier too!

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