Soaked and Boiled legumes

Good old Legume's but soaked and boiled so you can cook your favourite meals instantly without waiting to soak overnight or pressure boil in morning. All our products are free of preservatives and are easy to store at room temperature.

No Preservatives | No compromise

Good for 12 months 

Simplifying Cooking

Cooking can be hard and messy, let’s make it easy-peasy in 3 simple steps

How to Use?

Prepare your style Gravy

With Urban Granny, no more compromise on taste and health. Prepare your style gravy with ghee/oil, spices and veggies as needed. 

Add Easy Cook Ingredients

Once your spices are ready for sizzle. Add Easy Cook Ingredients directly from the pack. Mix well. Add water according to your choice of recipe.

Simmer, Garnish and Enjoy

Your job here is done. Let it simmer for 3-5 minutes or slow cook longer. Enjoy steamin' meals with your loved ones.Oh, so easy! 

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