Oh, so easy!
Do you believe, if we say you can actually "Cook" ghar wala rajma in 15 minutes?
Yes, that's what defines our curated "Easy Cook and Snack Hack" recipes of your favourite food, for faster and perfect cooking in less than 15 minutes. 
Meals, which are filling and in love with our taste buds <3
  • Cholle Masala

    Our undying love for chole or chana masala is global knowledge. And, this love is quadrupled and we literally get heart-eyes when chole masala is paired with bhature. You’re thinking about it, aren’t you? We get it.

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  • Rajma Masala

    Rajma Masala is healing, no matter how hard adulthood might feel. So, here’s a super quick, super delish recipe to cook Rajma Masala at home whenever you need it, and just the way you like it!

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  • Dal Makhni

    Dal Makhani is that kid in the school, who is invited to every party and is pretty much the life of it. When you think of a celebratory or indulging North Indian meal, creamy Dal Makhani and butter naan are almost a default setting.

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  • Matar Kulchey

    Matar Kulchey is a mood enhancer, whenever we eat it. One meal that is good fit for breakfast, lunch and snacks alike. Street favourite of everyone is now easy to cook at home in 10 minutes with Urban Granny

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  • Kala Chana Masala

    We were introduced to Kala Chana as brain food, be it boiled or stocked roasted in a container, often finding its way to our study tables. During exams, our parents or grandparents might as well have said, “Keep your friends close and Kala Chana closer”.

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  • Chickpea Salad

    Follow our 5-minute recipe to make a scrumptious Chickpea Salad. It can be included in your daily diet as breakfast, evening snack, on-the-go or travel-friendly snack, side dish with dinner, and even as an appetizer while hosting.

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  • Kala Chana Chaat

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