About Us

Food brings comfort in our busy lives, while the cooking process may not. It can be time-consuming, stressful, and complicated.

We didn't like that and that's why Urban Granny was born.

We’d like you to think of us as sous chefs simplifying the way YOU COOK, by making it quick, fuss-free, and oh, so easy.

How it all began?

During second lock-down wave, where we felt the need to have quick, filling, healthy and indulging meals amidst long calls, but ordering meant spending hours choosing, then waiting, and yet compromising on taste, health, and affordability

That's when it hit us that if we could reduce the preparation and cooking time without compromising health, taste and wallet' it would add significant value to all of us

Our mission is to make cooking friendlier for all, even if you are preparing a heavy meal or fixing a quick snack