Have questions?

What does your range include?

Our range of soaked and boiled legumes - kabuli chana, kala chana, rajma, dal makhani, and white pea, are available.

Is this ready to cook or ready to eat?

Each pack include soaked and boiled grain that are ready to be added to any recipe. They are not ready-to-eat packages of rajma masala or dal makhani.

How to use the products?

We have soaked and boiled the legumes for you. So, just add them to your style gravy or dry mix. Check our recipes for more details.

Is the taste same as the home-boiled grain?

Absolutely yes! In fact, because we use the highest quality grain and boil to perfection, you might find them richer, softer, and tastier.

Are they Vegan?

Yes. 100% Vegan and Gluten-free.

Is this product safe and healthy?

At Urban Granny, we only use what Granny would approve of, i.e. safe and healthy ingredients without any - added colour, preservatives, taste-makers, or any other nasties. We use post-sterilization technology to seal grains fresh, retaining all nutrients and taste.

How is shelf-life 12 months?

We rely on post-packaging sterilisation using heat and pressure to ensure that the ingredients remain fresh and nutritional value is same as raw ingredient. A common practice in the food industry and many daily use products.

By when should we consume it?

Once opened, consume the grains immediately in your recipe. You can story the ready dish for future use.

How do I store this product? Does it need refrigeration?

No need to refrigerate as we don't use preservatives. Store the packs in dry and cool place at room temperature.

Are they travel friendly?

Yes. Our customers have found these very useful for treks, road trips, and even international vacations. They are stored in dry and cool place, so they don't get spoilt.